Time to get rid of the ‘Mum Tum’

Liberty is now 3 months and it’s time to get back into fitness and get my body back! It was recently in the shower when I looked down and couldn’t see my vagina again! This time it was hidden by my ‘mum tum’! To be honest, the ‘newborn baby’ diet hasn’t been the best for me as often forget to eat or when I do eat, its anything with sugar in mainly chocolate sponge pudding (1 1/2 mins in the microwave – Winning) however about 900 calories per tin!

As I am still on Maternity leave and gyms which have creches in Harrogate are £70+ per month, I am going to start with changing my diet by registering with slimming world and enlisting Charlotte Crosby and her belly blitz workout to help get me back into shape! Obviously I need some new workout clothes and trainers to help motivate me … Sports Direct here I come.

I will keep you posted – Starts on Monday (always start on Mondays right?!)


Health Lifestyle

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