Time to get serious getting back into shape!

I know I had previous said that I was needed to get rid of the Mum Tum but I was totally unrealistic by wanting to start this before Christmas! So the new year and the whole ‘new year new you’ promise people make to themselves every year, I am going to start back with my fitness! I did buy some new trainers and workout clothes so I did stick to one part of the plan! Treated myself to some Sweaty Betty clothes, they were in the sale though as I couldn’t justify paying full price regardless of how nice they were!

I am not ashamed of my body as it has done amazing to grow my beautiful daughter! I want to get fit and toned to make me feel better for myself!

New plan of action is as follows:

  • Start an ‘at home’ fitness DVD! Give Liberty a laugh watching me do it. I have trade Charlotte Crosby for Ferne McCann

  • Join this amazing class called BuggyBeats where it is a fitness class you can bring your baby to! #genius first class this morning was great although there would parts where I thought I was going to pass out but been out of the game so long, I was expecting it! Details of this below:

  • Try cut out on my sugar intake starting with fizzy drinks.
  • Try to cook meals instead of buying ready made.
  • Add salad or vegetables to every meal.
  • Cut out bread!

I think this a realistic start.

I currently weigh as of today (07.01.19) 12stone 9lbs which is not bad compared to the poor diet I have where crisps and chocolate are part of my daily diet and anything easy! Did you know that there is this delicious chocolate pudding which only takes 1 1/2 minutes in the microwave! My favourite snack but at 900 calories per tin, it’s got to go 👋🏻

I will update weekly and let you know how it’s going! #LetsDoThis



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