Fallen off the fitness wagon already – time to bring out the big guns 🏃🏻‍♀️ Three words – GREAT NORTH RUN

I literally can’t seem to get focused at all with my fitness and getting back to into shape so I decided that drastic action was required! I decided to set myself a goal and that was to do the Great North Run again! Not only will I be helping myself but I will be helping others at the same time! I do love running! It has really helped me in the past with helping to clear my mind!

Working for the NHS in York, I got to meet the York Mind mental health charity team in 2017 and decided that I wanted to help raise money for them and signed up for the York 10K and then the Great North Run that year. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the charity, York Mind is a local mental health charity which aims to empower individuals experiencing mental ill health to start on the path to recovery. They believe that the condition should never define the person and consequently their recovery model encompasses every aspect of their clients’ lives: personal, social and professional.

Both the 10K and The GNR are on the list of my greatest personal achievements! I even managed to raise over a £1,000 for the charity and even got into the York Press 👏🏻


As you all know, I only know too well what it is like living with a mental illness personally and witnessed mental health problems affecting wide range of different people I have met in my life. Sadly in one case, resulting in one of my closest friends losing his life to the illness.  (RIP Lord T)

So this year I will be doing it again in his memory and to help raise money so the York Mind Service can continue to operate at the highest standard! 🙌🏻

The race will be 2 days after Liberty’s 1st birthday so will have to ensure that I don’t eat too much birthday cake as everyone knows how much I love cake!


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