Month: Feb 2019

First try of Finger foods!

Hosting Sunday lunch and while we were all around the table, Liberty wanted to finally get involved with finger foods! She did so well with Daddy’s famous Yorkshire Pudding and Broccoli! As I said in my previous post, she had previously struggled to hold food but think she is finally getting the hang of it!…

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Pregnancy Summary

Born – 20:49 on 06.09.2018 Weight – 6lb 4oz Days over – 9 Throughout pregnancy I had the following appointments: Physio: 5 Therapy: 19 Consultant: 4 Midwife Appointments: 15 Blood tests: 8 3 hospital scans: 3 Fetal health scans: 2 4D scans: 2 Injections: 2 Family outreach appointments: 5 Multi-agency meeting: 1 Health visitor: 2.…

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Feeling so alone today!

I currently sat at home alone and bored! I go back to work properly next week but Dave’s mum takes Liberty every Tuesday so I can get used to it but today is harder than ever before! I literally feel so alone! I have done the laundry and cleaned the house, meal planned for Libs,…

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Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️

Day One of life appreciation and celebrating Valentine’s Day! Dressed her up with heart themed outfit and then dressed as a love bug at Hartbeeps Sensory! It was topped off with dinner with my 3 loves ! Liberty trying to grab my drink with the look of determination in her eye! #likemotherlikedaughter 🖤

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