Month: Mar 2019


Today was the day that I got my smear test! After several ignored reminders (purely ignored because I forgot about them) which I received through the post, I saw a campaign on Instagram which remained me of the importance of having one! Especially having Liberty, I need to ensure that I am doing all I…

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Liberty starts Nursery 😩

Having received the list of things that we needed to sort out for nursery, it was overwhelming! On the list it included bottles, formula, nappies, suggested nappy cream (can’t have any that have but oil in them), soothers and spare clothes. It was recommended that there were at least 4 outfits in the changing bag…

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Hello March

Hello March! This month is exciting as on the 6th it’s Liberty’s 6 month birthday! I have no idea where the time went! I have a baby shower which I have planned for one of my besties, Dave is going away for a weekend so I have my first solo weekend with Liberty, Liberty starts…

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