Liberty First Passport Application

We are looking into planning our first family holiday and thinking of going to New York (go visit her namesake) but already stumbled at the first huddle, Liberty doesn’t have a passport yet! On to the mission to sort this ASAP. We are going to do it manually with the paper copy as I need to have the paper in front of me! First step – Get passport pictures taken. Luckily it one of the local photo shops took it for us to ensure that the photo standards were met. They even cut 2 out for us the relevant size! I had to hold her up for literally 5 seconds and it was quick and easy.

Here they are! She looks like Phil Mitchell’s love Child!

Next step – fill the form out, get one of her pictures signed! Luckily I have a friend who is a police officer or one of the Directors at Dave’s work can countersign the form for us. Ensure that a copy of her birth certificate is enclosed and then get the Post Office to check and then send. Total cost = £58.50 for the passport and £9.75 for check and send.

Sounds so simple right! We’ll see 🤞🏻



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