Sorry for the long post.

It’s now September and it’s a bittersweet month for me. This month marks one of the greatest milestones of all time! My baby girl turns one!!! No one is more shocked than I am that I have managed to keep a little person alive for 1 whole year!

On her actual birthday on Friday, I’m going to take her out of nursery in the afternoon and take her to have her hand and foot cast. I saw this on Instagram and found a local business who can do it for me. Best way to mark the day. I will post the pictures to share with you all. On Saturday we will continue celebrating her birthday with a party with her friends which is themed and will contain of a Hartbeeps class (this is one of her baby sensory classes she has been going to since she was 11 weeks old) a classic children’s buffet and soft play! There will be balloon arches, party bags and donuts for all! Even hired a venue with a bar for the adults! I know people say that you shouldn’t go overboard with first birthday parties but for me, it’s a big deal. Yes she won’t remember it but we will have pictures to capture the day for years to come. I am so excited for it! It has been stressful to plan as we were informed last week that one of the children Liberty goes to nursery with had chickenpox which is a parents nightmare. Especially for us with liberty’s birthday party being this weekend, that was a very strong case that she would already have it but not come out in spots yet. It was awful having to message the parents of the children attending Liberty’s party to tell them that she might potentially have it. This obviously wasn’t well received and there was a few of the mums that didn’t want to take the risk and to be honest I don’t blame them as I would be the same. Even got to the point of nearly rescheduling her birthday party. But then the best joke came! we were informed by Nursery that the child actually just had a rash and it wasn’t chickenpox after all! #CrisisOver

I finally have my DVLA medical next week so I can finally get my driving license back. I am able to drive still with my medical condition due to having a fitness to drive letter from the doctors but my insurance company needs my licence and I have had to tell them over and over that it’s coming. I do have a black box in my car that logs mileage and speed to give them some assurance that I am a safe driver in the meantime. I just want it over with. 😩

At the end of this month, I will be made redundant and I’m not any closer to finding a suitable alternative in the job front. Time is ticking and anxiety is running high! I am due to go back for a phased return following been off sick since April but don’t really know where I fit in anymore but have to make the best of a bad situation as I can’t just leave without handing over. I looked into becoming a Virtual assistant but it’s one of those careers that you either buy into a company to gain access to their clients or having to spend hours networking and trying to build a base. Either of which I have the time or money to commit to so back to square one. I will keep you updated on my progress or if anyone wants to give me job, please message 🤣

One a positive note, I am meeting with Trish from Hey Mama maternal mental health group that I previously blogged about and Jo from Baby Mindfulness to discuss the opening of the Harrogate Hey Mama group at the end of the month. I am so excited and honoured to be part of this and share my experiences to hopefully help others!



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