Something has to be done to get fit and healthy! 🙋🏻‍♀️

Posting this picture is embarrassing to me! I can’t believe I have let my body get like this! I know it’s been through a lot with child birth but I’m so unfit and unhealthy. My diet since having Liberty has been terrible! Before it was due to not having the time to eat therefore having quick meals and snacks! Now it’s just laziness as as currently off work as between jobs and still keeping Liberty in her routine with childcare, it’s boredom! It’s strange that I make Liberty well balanced meals but never have the same! 🤦🏻‍♀️

This time last year, I was all for healthy eating and exercise attending mum and baby exercise classes and then signing up for the Great North run but it never worked out! The run fell on Liberty’s first birthday weekend so that was my excuse! Then getting my social life back which consisted on many meals out and Prosecco!

Something has to be done! As I’m obsessed with Instagram, there is an account that I follow which is a modern day mum who can balance motherhood of 3 children and a healthy active lifestyle! So I decided to sign up for her 1 week meal plan to kickstart my healthy eating and cutting out sugar and adding protein washed down with plenty of water! After the week, then you can start exercising! For me it’s starting to get back into running! This was my go to to help with my mental health as really helped me regain focus and clear my life!

So as I publish this today, it’s driving me to start it, as all of you that read my blog and follow my life, I need motivation!

Current weight: 12 stone 3lb

Next weigh in: 22.01.2020


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  1. It’s so tough. If I don’t get the exercise in first thing with Harry I don’t do it. I’ve found YouTube Joe Wicks videos are fab, resistance bands and my running buggy. Good luck with your journey. Your post shows such confidence. Xx

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