Month: Feb 2020

Peppa Pig in the Making ☔️

Next mission for Liberty is trying get her used to her wellies! She has always been funny when wearing boots and they restrict her movement around her ankles and literally has a meltdown and pulls them off! Luckily Peppa Pig helps with her understanding for what you can do in them! #muddypuddles #wellies #puddlejumping #peppapig

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Feeling really anxiety at the moment with mum guilt! I know I have to work but I miss her more than ever! Before while I was off she still had all of her childcare arrangements in place for 4 days a week to ensure she still had her routine and so I could get used…



**NEW CHAPTER** great start to the day as my beautiful daughter decided to sleep until 6:30am after 8 weeks of disrupted sleep as then also today I started my new job after a career change and redundancy and I’m so excited to say that I’m the new Patient Systems Support at Harrogate Hospital! Finally got…


Be Kind!

After hearing what happened to Caroline yesterday, it really hit home as having dealt with my own mental health issues, I have been in some dark places! I’m gutted that she felt that there was no other way and can’t even imagine what her last thoughts were. Having personally dealt with suicide with one of…

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My Valentine ♥️

Happy Valentine’s Day! Any excuse to dress up Liberty! ♥️ Liberty managed to sleep through from 6:30 to 4am so it’s getting better! 🙌🏻 We don’t normally celebrate but I love an excuse to buy cards and even Dave got in on the action and got me a card from Liberty! ♥️ traded my usual…

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Following on from a very stressful day on Friday, today things are finally looking up! The boiler has been fitted and actually heating the house and water after one of the coldest weekends ever! Just need to sort the top floor radiators but manageable! Was living my best life earlier by having a hit bubble…

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