My gorgeous daughter all dressed up for her Auntie’s birthday celebrations! She is the light in the dark especially with all this Coronavirus drama going round and the first confirmed case in Harrogate!

I look at her and it does scare me! She is so Innocent and completely oblivious to what is happening in the world at the moment! I just want to protect it from it all! Who knows in the next week we might all be on lockdown so I get to spend time with her at home but like I said it terrifies me 😩 I know it’s safe at hospital as there are many cases of severe infectious disease related illnesses that are dealt with and controlled every day but the way this virus has been portrayed in the media, it is terrifying! 

Everyone is panicking and we can’t even buy basis food items due to this 😩 at least the baby aisle seems to be in tact apart from no Calpol! People are so selfish not leaving anything for those Who are most vulnerable! Just going in for The weekly shop and picking up some essentials, I feel like people are watching you and feel the ashamed to pick up toilet roll, bleach, soap, pasta and bread when you generally need it!

To people not think that if they buy all of the hand soap they might have the cleanest hands but not leaving others to have the chance to wash their hands properly! It is just so ridiculous! 


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