The days are continuing to become darker as the coronavirus crisis seems to be getting progressively worse as the days go by!

I literally want to stop the world and get off! Not been able to get basic essentials when shopping like I mentioned before, Restricted access to coffee shops along with restaurants and bars and some have fully closed and now the schools and nurseries are closing 😩

Sadly the person that had a confirmed case in Harrogate didn’t recover from it and passed away 😩 luckily no more confirmed cases as it stands at the moment and the hospital are working above and beyond to prepare for this and ensure it can be managed properly and it makes me proud to see it first hand and proud to be part of the NHS! 🙌🏻

The drive home from work today felt surreal as hardly anyone was around and the roads are clear but it should be rush-hour! I’m so surprise that I’m managing to keep it together with all the stress anxiety about what the future holes especially having a child under two and my husband being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis now makes him fall into the high risk category, i’m being extra careful to ensure that I am making myself safe in order to protect my family! As it stands at the moment I’m still able to go to work and as an NHS worker I was noted by the government that some schools and nurseries would remain open to help with childcare for these workers. Having an IT related job in the NHS is not really classed as a key worker but not sure what the criteria is until the guidance comes out from the nursery Confirming who is eligible. If I am and she can continue to go, that will eliminate one stress factor in my life as I don’t have the ability to work from home as of yet I might struggle for childcare light approx. 75% of you that follow my blog and Instagram!

I’m going to continue carrying on as normal until I’m told otherwise but as you know I’ve always been organised so got most of it covered if we have to self isolate! I’m just so scared that I’m trying not to think about it! #PositiveThinking

2 thoughts on “How do you stop all of this affecting your mental health?! #Coronavirus

  1. Please try not to worry so much, we all need some perspective, which i have tried to give in an article that i posted today. Things will get better, it’s just a matter of time and people uniting with a positive attitude, even if its virtually for now. Sending you and your family lots of love.


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