This is a photo of me on my daily commute to work! Except this time the journey takes me less than 15 minutes for me to get to work even via Nursery to drop Liberty off, having to have ID to go into a supermarket early as I forgot my lunch and walking down the street actively avoiding people to the point that I cross the road! The sky is blue and the sun is in the sky and yet no one is around apart from the odd jogger and dog walkers! It’s so eerie! And the quietness is uncomfortable!

I go to work and it feels like a normal day and like nothing is happening in the outside! I can’t explain it! Then when I go for a walk at lunchtime it’s almost like it’s the summer holidays and there’s so many people out and cars which makes me think it’s all in my head and even more confused than ever! There is nothing I want more to be able to be at home with my family as I have a husband with an auto immune disease and I have a toddler! I want to keep them safe but I have to do my job (I’m not complaining and I’m very grateful to have one!) People think that working in IT isn’t classed as being a key worker but if people need help with patient systems that could cause a huge issue you need people to help to fix the problems that come up! I have never been one to have a rant (this is not really a proper rant) but just remember please be kind, please help anyone who needs it, please be safe! please stay at home!

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