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Back to #WaterBabies

Look at that face! She melts my heart! Today was yet another day that things were continuing to get back to normal and Liberty’s swimming lessons started again! So happy to put her back in the water and get the usual Sunday morning routine back! Plus if we go to Dubai in September, we need…

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I have a 1 1/2 year old! 😱

Happy 1️⃣8️⃣ months Liberty! Now we can officially say that you are 1 1/2years old! Literally don’t know where the time has gone! She still is a bad sleeper but getting better and her new favourite thing to do is play with stickers and felt tip pens but knows not to colour or stick anywhere…

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Peppa Pig in the Making ☔️

Next mission for Liberty is trying get her used to her wellies! She has always been funny when wearing boots and they restrict her movement around her ankles and literally has a meltdown and pulls them off! Luckily Peppa Pig helps with her understanding for what you can do in them! #muddypuddles #wellies #puddlejumping #peppapig

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Life… #currentstatus

It’s been a struggle recently as identified from therapy today, I have been getting frustrated with boredom! As much as I love being a lady of leisure I literally Can’t wait to start my new job! Fingers crossed it works out as currently having to wait for health clearance due to being off for 4…

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Finally my baby can WALK!!

Since last Friday she has got more and more confident and now can walk down the street without a fall! So proud of her! It’s been rough and a constant worry since hurting her hand and delaying her development, I was worried especially if it got to 18 months and still couldn’t, she would have…

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