Stay at Home #UKLockdown

This is a photo of me on my daily commute to work! Except this time the journey takes me less than 15 minutes for me to get to work even via Nursery to drop Liberty off, having to have ID to go into a supermarket early as I forgot my lunch and walking down the…

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Happy Mother’s Day 2020

**HAPPY MOTHERS DAY** to you all your beautiful mum followers! ♥️💐 I wanted to spread the love and tell you all that you are doing a great job and you should be proud of yourselves! Motherhood is hard and can be extremely lonely but we got this! 💪🏻 (I should listen to my own advice)…

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First case of Coronavirus confirmed in my home town 😩<strong

My gorgeous daughter all dressed up for her Auntie’s birthday celebrations! She is the light in the dark especially with all this Coronavirus drama going round and the first confirmed case in Harrogate! I look at her and it does scare me! She is so Innocent and completely oblivious to what is happening in…

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Mum Guilt take 2

After a bad day at work, I couldn’t wait to finish to go get a Liberty from nursery and get her home for cuddles but then as soon as I was home I was wishing her to bed as was exhausted! Then I find myself just sitting in her room watching her sleep and excited…

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I have a 1 1/2 year old! 😱

Happy 1️⃣8️⃣ months Liberty! Now we can officially say that you are 1 1/2years old! Literally don’t know where the time has gone! She still is a bad sleeper but getting better and her new favourite thing to do is play with stickers and felt tip pens but knows not to colour or stick anywhere…

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Hello March

Bye February even though you were a great month! This month our baby girl will be 18 months old and lots of family birthday celebrations to look forward too! Excited to get more involved at work after my induction and get used to the new routine! Spring is coming and as the weather is starting…

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Peppa Pig in the Making ☔️

Next mission for Liberty is trying get her used to her wellies! She has always been funny when wearing boots and they restrict her movement around her ankles and literally has a meltdown and pulls them off! Luckily Peppa Pig helps with her understanding for what you can do in them! #muddypuddles #wellies #puddlejumping #peppapig

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Feeling really anxiety at the moment with mum guilt! I know I have to work but I miss her more than ever! Before while I was off she still had all of her childcare arrangements in place for 4 days a week to ensure she still had her routine and so I could get used…



**NEW CHAPTER** great start to the day as my beautiful daughter decided to sleep until 6:30am after 8 weeks of disrupted sleep as then also today I started my new job after a career change and redundancy and I’m so excited to say that I’m the new Patient Systems Support at Harrogate Hospital! Finally got…


Be Kind!

After hearing what happened to Caroline yesterday, it really hit home as having dealt with my own mental health issues, I have been in some dark places! I’m gutted that she felt that there was no other way and can’t even imagine what her last thoughts were. Having personally dealt with suicide with one of…

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My Valentine ♥️

Happy Valentine’s Day! Any excuse to dress up Liberty! ♥️ Liberty managed to sleep through from 6:30 to 4am so it’s getting better! 🙌🏻 We don’t normally celebrate but I love an excuse to buy cards and even Dave got in on the action and got me a card from Liberty! ♥️ traded my usual…

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Following on from a very stressful day on Friday, today things are finally looking up! The boiler has been fitted and actually heating the house and water after one of the coldest weekends ever! Just need to sort the top floor radiators but manageable! Was living my best life earlier by having a hit bubble…

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Life… #currentstatus

It’s been a struggle recently as identified from therapy today, I have been getting frustrated with boredom! As much as I love being a lady of leisure I literally Can’t wait to start my new job! Fingers crossed it works out as currently having to wait for health clearance due to being off for 4…

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Finally my baby can WALK!!

Since last Friday she has got more and more confident and now can walk down the street without a fall! So proud of her! It’s been rough and a constant worry since hurting her hand and delaying her development, I was worried especially if it got to 18 months and still couldn’t, she would have…

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Good night Pennie 💔

Said goodbye to one of the strongest women I have ever had the pleasure to know! My boss at the NHS, Pennie who I had know for 6 year was so determined and dedicated to ensuring that she stood up for what she believed in! We would often clash professionally but personally she had the…

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Happy 1️⃣4️⃣ months

to this absolute babe! I love you more and more each day and love watching you grow into a little person! You have been a little sleep thief over the last month and literally making mummy run on red bull but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Love this picture of you and daddy!…

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Happy Halloween 🎃

Happy Halloween from my gorgeous baby girl! Shame that due to her being poorly she is unable to go to nursery and wear her outfit but at least we’ve got a suitable replacement for her to wear at home! 🎃👻🐱

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